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Services for agriculture, viticulture and land management

Oenoview explained by its customers on TV news

The Rhonéa cooperative explains how Oenoview is used in the Beaumes de Venise vine. TV news record


As part of his VIE at TerraNIS, Christophe travels through Chilean vineyards and offers us a short video to share his experience in Chile. The main achievement during this mission – initially – is to have learned enough about satellite imagery and remote sensing in general, but also about vines, wine and the grape cycle…
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Agriculture : a new frontier for the European Space Policy

We had the pleasure to be invited by MEP Eric Andrieu at the European Parliament on March 6th 2018 for the conference “Agriculture : a new frontier for the European Space Policy”. We were part of the panelist and had the opportunity to bring forward our views, as an SME delivering EO-based services for agriculture,…
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