Who is TerraNIS ? The experience to serve your needs

TerraNIS is a company specialized in the design, the development and the delivery of geoinformation services in the environment and agriculture domains. It provides also consultancy and expertise to Earth Observation users. TerraNIS operates worldwide services  using Pixagri and Œnoview® added value products which are respectively dedicated to agriculture and vineyards monitoring. TerraNIS has also set up the Eugenius™ concept (meaning European Group of Enterprises for a Network of Information UsingSpace). It aims at creating a network of european SMEs, which will use the same platform and share a common products catalog in order to deliver services in their own regions. Thanks to Pixagri, Œnoview® and Eugenius™ concept, TerraNIS is able to provide services to its customers in the following domains :

· Precision farming: Map supplies for the professionals from the world of agriculture enabling them to manage value to achieve maximum benefits.

· Precision wine-making : Map supplies of wine-making development, with an  inter or intra field scale between bunch closure and the ripening period. 

· Land management : Up-to-date and geolocalised information supplies to support local authority. 

· Environment obervation and risk prevention : Highlight the changes in the long term, assessment of environment impact on human activity and development aid which concern risk prevision models for the develoment of the risk prevention.

TerraNIS confirmed as Young Innovative Company

“The french tax administration has confirmed late November 2014 the status of our company as a Young Innovative Company. This decision leads us to pursue our research and developement activities with the objective to always improve our customers’ satisfaction through the procurement of top of the class technological solutions and services.”