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Our customers

Agronomic, viticultural and oenological advice and decision support tools for land management


Some examples

The following images are examples of maps from our Pixagri, Oenoview and TerraMAP production lines.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients say:

We use Oenoview® on half of the vineyard that our technicians don’t have the time to visit. We were able to make two lots of parcels, vinify them differently, rech different markets and improve our range.

Jérôme Collas

Les Vignerons du Mont Tauch

The indicators presented proved to be very useful in forming a general idea of crop dynamics throughout the campaign. Concrete actions: detection of error in the nitrogen dose on a maize plot, detection of lodging without apparent cause, highlightinh the effects of mixing plots with different backgrounds.

Miquel Aran

Eurofins Agroambiental

The better selection of berries has increased the production of our first wines by 20%.

Patrick Bongard

Châteaux Castel