Why TerraNIS is different ? An optimized service

Red apple standing out from row of green apples.


TerraNIS team has more than 20 years of experience in the developent of applications in the Earth Observation domain.

Innovative, reliable

Pixagri® and Œnoview® have been initially developed by the GEO-intelligence programme line of Airbus Defence and Space and embed an original technology. During its development in partnership with ICV (Institut Coppératif du Vin), Œnoview® got a strong support from INRA institute and SUP’AGRO. Our products are mature and reliable … and are continuously improved.

trophee 2009

Adapted and personalized

Our specialists know that each customer is unique. We build your project together. We take time to understand what is your target and your constraints : your crops, your average plot size, your farming practises,  your crop calendar.

Strong partnership

TerraNIS can rely on some strong partnerships. Airbus Defense and Space : Geoinformation supplier in agriculture and environmental sector. Groupe ICV (Institut Coopératif du Vin) : A service company specialized in wine making sector. Artal : A service company responsible for TerraNIS software development.